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When to Book Your Mexico Destination Wedding


So you’ve decided on a destination wedding in Mexico! Likely one of the first questions you’ll be wondering about is…How early do I need to book the resort? Months? Years? The short answer is: anywhere from 8 to 16 months in advance. Wedding venues book up early, regardless of the location, but in the case of a destination wedding there are several additional reasons to set the date early. Booking well in advance will give you the best resort options, plenty of notice for guests and lots of time for planning. So don’t leave it until the last minute!


Better Resort Options

If you have your heart set on a specific resort, date or any other must-have venue details, booking as far in advance as possible will give you a much better chance of meeting all your requirements. Obviously, the longer you wait to book, the more likely it is that some compromise will have to happen. Destination weddings in Mexico are very popular, especially during peak season, and many resorts will only schedule one wedding per day. To ensure the ceremony locations, date and resort that you love, booking early is your best bet! That being said, many resorts won’t take bookings more than 16 months in advance, as they typically aren’t able to confirm pricing until closer to the date.


Plenty of Notice for Guests

Travelling to a destination wedding is asking a lot of guests already, so the least you can do is give them plenty of notice. Booking a resort early and passing along the details in save-the-dates, allows your guests to plan for time off and budget for travel. Many people will have to request time off from work fairly far in advance, so booking the resort early will ensure that no one has to miss your wedding because they found out too late!


Planning Time

Weddings involve a fair bit of planning (Surprise!). Whether you’re diving in to all the details yourself, or passing it along to a professional, planning a destination wedding takes some time. Setting a date and nailing down the venue a year or more in advance gives you time to spend on all the lovely little details that will make the event so memorable. Honestly, we think the planning is half the fun, so you don’t want to rush it!



Of course, there are exceptions to every rule. Even if you have a short timeline, don’t rule out a destination wedding. Although you may have to compromise a bit on dates and details, you can still make your dream wedding in Mexico a reality, even if you’re booking less than 8 months in advance. For a tight timeline, hiring a wedding planner or using a travel agent with destination wedding experience is a great way to go.

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