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Finding the perfect destination wedding dress is a feat in itself…now how to get it to the wedding in one piece?! This is one of those wedding planning details that can be very easy to overlook, but with a little planning, your dress will make it to Mexico stress-free. We’ve rounded up some great tips to make sure your wedding dress has an enjoyable flight.


Tips for Flying with Your Wedding Dress


Ask the Airline

Most airlines provide information online regarding travel with a wedding dress (sometimes referred to as ‘special baggage’). After checking for any online info, we recommend calling the airline directly to confirm their policies, and any specific details for the actual flight you have booked. Once you’ve boarded the flight, be sure to let the flight attendants know that you’re carrying on a wedding dress (and be nice about it!). You never know – they might have a free seat available for the dress.


Don’t Check the Dress

We highly recommend bringing your wedding dress on as a carry-on item. You don’t want to be worried about lost luggage or rough baggage handlers, so if at all possible don’t let that dress out of your sight! This is especially important if your journey to Mexico involves several connecting flights. Many airlines will count a garment bag as your ‘personal item’, but make sure to confirm any size restrictions. Alternatively, the dress can be packed in a carry-on size suitcase. Don’t forget that it will have to go through security too. If you’re carrying the dress in a garment bag either lay it flat to go through the scanner or request a manual scan (and make sure they wear gloves if removing it from the bag!).


Pay Attention to Packing

How you pack the dress will depend on the size, style, embellishments and type of fabric. Have a chat with the dress shop staff and see if they have any advice on packing the dress for air travel. If you’re lucky, they may even be able to pack it professionally for you! Typically the dress can be either carried-on in a garment bag or packed inside a carry-on suitcase. In both cases, make sure it is safely inside a waterproof bag. Ideally, you will want to leave the dress packing to the last minute possible. Use tissue to protect any embellishments and pad any folds with something soft and round to prevent sharp creases (a rolled up t-shirt works). Make sure none of your packing materials will transfer colour/stains to the dress!


Prepare for the Worst

You may be lucky enough to end up on a flight with lovely, helpful flight attendants who treat your wedding dress as if it were their own, and find you a free seat to lay it out carefully for the flight…but don’t count on it! It is just as likely that the flight will be full and there could be three other destination brides fighting for that spare overhead bin. Save yourself the stress and plan for the worst case. We like the idea of packing the dress in a lightweight garment bag inside a carry-on suitcase – you’re ready for anything. If there happens to be a free seat or empty overhead bin, simply take the dress out of the suitcase and lay it flat. If not, no worries!


Have a Backup Plan

Even if everything goes according to plan, travelling will likely leave your dress in need of a little love before the big day. Hang it up completely off the floor as soon as you reach the hotel, and try the hot shower steam trick if the wrinkles are minimal. Bringing your own small hand steamer is also a great idea. Most importantly, don’t panic if your dress looks a little worse for wear after the flight. Your wedding planner or resort coordinator should be able to arrange professional pressing or cleaning services if required.


We would love to hear from you! Do you have a plan for transporting the dress?