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Is an all-inclusive wedding right for you?


Wedding packages are offered by almost all of the major all-inclusive resorts in Mexico, and these are by far the most popular type of destination wedding. There are many reasons that these are such a popular option, but they aren’t for everyone. Let’s have a look at some of the pros and cons of the all-inclusive wedding package!


The Good Stuff

    • All the basics are all included! Yes, we are stating the obvious here, but having drinks, food, accommodations and all the wedding basics covered is the big plus for this type of wedding. If you are looking for simple, less stressful wedding planning all-inclusive resorts have this down to an art.


    • Pre-set options can make for easier decision making. It is much, much easier to select your preferred flowers or dinner menu from, say, three options, then from all the options in the entire universe ever! This isn’t a plus for everyone, but if you have a pretty laid back attitude towards wedding planning then this might be something to consider.


    • All-inclusive weddings can be very budget friendly. Many resorts offer a basic wedding package for free if you are able to guarantee a certain number of guests will be staying at the resort.


    • It is easy for your guests. Staying on site and having the accommodations, food, entertainment and drinks all included makes it easy to guarantee that your guests will have a blast at your destination wedding.


    • You will have lots of time with friends and family. Typically most guests will want to get in on the all-inclusive fun and stay at the same resort where you are hosting the wedding. So you will likely have a few days to a week with a whole bunch of your favourite people vacationing in one place.


    • You don’t have to deal directly with vendors. Dealing with multiple contracts and various vendors can be stressful and complicated. All-inclusives employ experts who are experienced in pulling off fabulous weddings. They take care of all the details so you can enjoy!


    • You can read reviews of your future wedding. Unless you’re booking with a brand new resort, there will be a bunch of brides out there who have photos, reviews and answers to every question you can think of about your exact resort wedding.


The Not-So-Good Stuff

    • Other couples have had this exact same wedding. That’s the thing with package weddings, and it may or may not feel like an issue to you. Of course, no two weddings are alike, and there are plenty of ways to add your own personality. If you’re looking for something exceptionally unique and personalized, a package will probably not be a great fit.


    • Options are limited. Your options for flowers, food, cake, ceremony decor and all the other details will be limited with an all-inclusive wedding package. If you have a very specific vision for your day, this might be a deal breaker.


    • Adding to a preset wedding package can get expensive. If you have a vision of a certain cake, type of flower or specific entertainer then you may end up with significant extra costs. Bringing in outside vendors and adding on special touches to a package wedding can add up quickly.


    • You will have lots of time with friends and family. Yes, this might be a pro if you’re lucky to have amazing relatives that all get along. However, we’re willing to bet that there are some couples out there who might prefer their wedding week to include smaller doses of relatives. Just something to think about.


    • Yours might not be the only wedding that week or even that day. This is one of the realities of an all-inclusive wedding, and the reason that they are able to offer such budget friendly pricing. Check out the resort policy on the number of weddings per day/week.


    • Lack of privacy. I’m not going to lie, I’ve been one of those looky-loos gawking at a resort wedding from my beach chair. If you don’t want to be on display to the masses, make sure to ask about the privacy of the ceremony and dinner venues.


Of course a destination wedding doesn’t have to mean an all inclusive type package deal. Planning an amazing one of a kind wedding with the help of a destination wedding planner is also a great option.

What do you think? We would love to hear your thoughts on the pros and cons of all-inclusive destination weddings!