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Sending out save-the-date cards prior to formal invitations has become fairly common for most weddings. In the case of a destination wedding, a little more planning is required, so the save-the-date is essential! Here are some guidelines to make sure your guests are properly informed about your fabulous destination wedding plans.


Destination Wedding Save-the-Date


When to Send Save-the-Dates?

If most of your guests will be travelling out of country (say to Mexico, for example…) spreading the word fairly far in advance is the best plan. Most experts suggest that save-the-dates for a destination wedding should be sent 8 months to 1 year in advance. Since you are basically asking your guests to book a vacation, this will allow plenty of time to coordinate time off work, book travel, make sure passports are up to date and save up money for the trip.


Who to Send Save-the-Dates to?

Once these are sent, there is no taking back the invitation, so make sure you are completely decided on your wedding guest list! Make sure you address these clearly to indicate whether the whole family is welcome, if it is an adults only event, or if dates are invited. Also, remember to send save-the-dates to people who have already confirmed, including close family and the bridal party. Yes, even if your maid-of-honor helped you address every single card, she should still get one!


What to Include on Save-the-Dates?

There are so many fun creative ideas for personalized save-the-date cards, but don’t forget to include the important information! Aside from the obvious (umm, the date and location), you will want to provide as much detail about the travel options, and accommodations as possible. Since you probably don’t want to send pages and pages of travel info with your cute cards, this would be the perfect time to set up your wedding website and simply include the web address on your save-the-date. This makes it easy to link to resort information, airlines and any other travel details your guests might need. This would also be the time to figure out precisely who is invited, and make sure that the cards are clearly addressed to let your guests know if it is acceptable to bring dates, kids, pets, etc! It is also nice to include a note if you will be throwing a local reception for those guests who aren’t able to make the trip.


Your comments, questions and ideas are always welcome! When are you planning to send out save-the-dates?